Which bts members are dating

which bts members are dating

Do BTS members actually date?

Originally Answered: Can BTS members actually date? Well as far as I know they can. They apparently have not the infamous “no dating” rule in their contracts like supposedly other groups. Have to say though, however they end up dating, Im already feeling sorry for the girls and the guys from BTS.

Do BTS members have romantic interest in other girls?

I have seen in some footages of BTS members discretely flirting with other girls in a public broadcast, meaning they must have romantic interest in some way and may have even proceeded with dating a girl or two for a while while they work.

Who is BTS J-Hope dating?

Currently, J-Hope is single. Among all the BTS members, Jungkook, 24, has had the most dating rumors. He was rumored to date fellow K-pop artists Jeong Ye In from the group Lovelyz, also from the K-pop group DIA - Jung Chae Yeon, and Ko So-Hyun who was a trainee from CUBE back in 2015.

Is BTS Jungkook dating?

In 2019, rumоrѕ ѕwіrlеd thе Jungkook was dаtіng a tаttоо аrtіѕt whо worked at a parlor thе ѕtаr frequented. there is no official facts that BTS members date anyone, even though, respect their private life.

Is BTS dating each other?

You see BTS is a family and they really dont like this part about pretending theyre dating or not dating. They are brothers and love each other, but not romantically. So stop shipping them. Its This one I know. NO, BTS is not dating each other. In Korea they have a little thing called fan service.

Would the BTS date an army?

Would the BTS date an A.R.M.Y. (fan)? It is possible. But the chances are very slim. BTS can date whoever they want, and that can be an ARMY. But, dating an ARMY can be very dangerous and harming. How?

How many members does BTS have?

BTS has 7 members and contains many different combinations of member relationships and dynamics. Basically, BTS is like family. They’ve live together for many years, the better half of their career. At first they lived in an apartment with one bathroom and one bedroom (with only 4 beds for seven people).

Are BTS members actually close in real life?

Originally Answered: Are BTS members actually close in real life? Yes they are really close to each other because they have spend more time together since they debut or before they were trainee they used to live in single dorm

Does BTS’s Jungkook have a girlfriend?

Jungkook has shared his experience in dating on an episode of BTS’s early variety show, America Hustle Life. In episode 5, Jungkook admitted to dating a girl, but he couldn’t meet her for 200 days, so they decided to break up. He expressed that his relationship started when he was young, and it looks like it was not a real relationship.

Is BLACKPINK Lisa dating BTS Jungkook?

BTS Jungkooks Relationship Status Revealed There have been rumors claiming that BTS member Jungkook could be dating BLACKPINK member Lisa in public. Speculations are rife that the two South Korean performers are a perfect match since they are both the youngest members of their respective groups.

Which BTS member prefers sleep over dating?

It comes as no surprise that the BTS member prefers sleep than dating due to their hectic schedules. The co-member of Jin, Jimin, V, RM, J-Hope and Suga, previously, suggested that the best way to recharge is by sleeping. BTS member Jungkook has, also, been highlighting that sleep is very important in several interviews.

Is Jungkook dating DIA member Jung Chae-Yeon?

The rumor between Jungkook and Jung Chae-yeon, a member of the K-pop girl group DIA, started because she matches Jungkook’s ideal type of woman, particularly her incredible singing talent and long dark hair.

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