Dating a delta unisaw

dating a delta unisaw

How can I tell if my Unisaw is vintage?

This aluminum serial number plate is from a 1947 Unisaw, and is attached with screws. Some machines, for whatever reason, may have had their serial number plates removed or torn off, making a positive vintage identification more difficult.

Is delta power tools still in business?

Stanley Black & Decker has sold the Delta brand to a Taiwanese company, Chang Type Industrial Co., Ltd., which makes power tools for a number of well-known brands....The new company has been renamed Delta Power Equipment Corp. Delta History. Porter-Cable. 2011.

When did Delta start giving out serial numbers?

Delta began assigning serial numbers in 1941. If your machine lacks a serial number plate or holes to mount one then it is from early 1941 or before. We have divided the serial number plates used by Delta into three styles, as detailed below.

What is the history of Delta?

Delta traces its roots to the Delta Specialty Company founded by Herbert Tautz in 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Based at first in Tautz garage, Delta Specialty Company thrived, first making small tools for home shops and later expanding into light industrial machinery.

How do you remove the inside of a Unisaw?

There are two different approaches to removing the internal guts of a unisaw. One approach is to remove the tilt shaft while everything is still inside the cabinet, which frees up the tight fitting connections between all the major components and enables you to lift them straight out.

When did the Unisaw fence adjusting knob come out?

1939: The Fence Adjusting Knob (TCS-273) was borrowed from the older style saddle type fence head used on the No. 1160 10-Inch Tilting Arbor Saw. Actually the knob was redesigned at about the time of the Unisaw debut.

What is the Order of a 1939 Unisaw model?

The base line for this study is the 1939 No. 1450 model. The order taken in this type study is roughly from top down (table to floor) and outside in. As parts were changed the intent is that the particular part will be noted with the year of change. 1939: Unisaws were made in Milwaukee, WI.

What is a Unisaw?

In sheer numbers the Unisaw is one of the most widely distributed woodworking machines ever produced. Its production run spans over a half-century making it the longest running production of any table saw in history.

What is Delta Air Lineshistory?

Delta Air Lines history begins with the worlds first aerial crop dusting operation called Huff Daland Dusters, Inc. The company was founded on March 2, 1925, in Macon, Georgia, before moving to Monroe, Louisiana, in summer 1925.

How did Delta get its name?

The new company was named Delta Air Service, with its headquarters in Monroe. La. The name Delta, referring to the Mississippi Delta region, was suggested by Catherine FitzGerald, a secretary who later would rise to the rank of an executive in the company.

What is the history of Delta Sigma Theta?

In March of 1913, the Founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. performed their first public act. They participated in the Womens Suffrage March in Washington, D.C. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was incorporated in 1930. First Row: Winona Cargile Alexander, Madree Penn White, Wertie Blackwell Weaver,

What is the history of Delta Force?

Delta Force was established on 19 November 1977, by Beckwith and Colonel Thomas Henry. In the meantime, Colonel Bob Black Gloves Mountel of the 5th Special Forces Group created a unit to breach the short-term gap that existed until Delta was ready, dubbed Blue Light.

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