Dating sunn amps

dating sunn amps

Are Sunn Amps any good?

This fact gives SUNN amps a real advantage in accurate low-end (bass) sound reproduction. I’ve also owned a Sunn SCEPTRE, and other than the crappy-sounding sold-state reverb circuit, it was pretty great as well.

What kind of amplifiers did Sunn make in 1970?

Download the ten-panel SUNN amplifiers 1970 catalog: Models covered, with specs and photos, include: SUNN Dymos, Solarus, Sonaro, Sentura 1, Sonic 1-40, Sceptre, Sorado, Sentura II, Solos, 200s, 1000s, 1200s, and 2000s instrument amps; plus Sunn Concert Sound System and Coliseum Sound System.

What kind of amps does Keith Urban use?

Keith also appears to be using a borrowed drumkit. In the photos below, Pete appears to be using two Marshall JTM100 amps, three Sunn 4×12 cabinets and one Marshall 4×12 cabinet. Sunn used the opportunity to produce a Sunn endorsement (see photo at right).

When did the Beatles first use Sunn Amps?

In August 1967, Pete and John began using two Sunn 100S 60-watt amplifiers (featuring KT88 valves) powering two or four JBL-loaded 2×15 cabinets. The first documented use of Sunn amps by Pete is 23 Aug. 1967, where they were used along with the Super Beatles.

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