Harley starter relay hookup

harley starter relay hookup

How does a starter relay work?

The relay is essentially a remote switch that controls a high-current circuit. In motor vehicles, a starter relay uses the small ignition switch current to close the much heavy-duty starter circuit. In some automotive applications, the starter relay works together with the starter solenoid to operate the starting system.

Where is the starter relay on a Softail?

Thanks Schmidtys The owners manual should tell you the location. If no manual or if it doesnt show you, call or go by the dealer. Im sure someone there will tell you where it is. Hmmm, you know, thats right. Your Softail has the new Can Buss electrical system. The starter relay might be integrated in the BCM (body control module).

How to fix a starter relay clicking problem?

Because the relay is still operating, you can remedy the problem by cleaning the contacts. The battery would also need to be checked. That is because a weak batteryone can cause the starter relay clicking problem, among other issues. The starter relay circuit, too, would need to be inspected for worn or damaged cables or connections.

Where is the starter relay on a Toyota Corolla?

Sometimes, the starter relay location is under the dash and behind the car stereo. If you cannot find the relay in your vehicle, consult its manual. Step 4 For the canister relays, disconnect the battery and other terminals by removing the nuts that hold the leads to the relay.

What does a starter relay do on a car?

The starter relay enables the flow of current to the starter solenoid and motor. If it fails completely, it means the starter solenoid not working the plunger, and the motor not coming to life.

How do relays work?

This is how relays work: they use a small electric current to trigger a much bigger one. A relay is an electromagnetic switch operated by a relatively small electric current that can turn on or off a much larger electric current. The heart of a relay is an electromagnet (a coil of wire that becomes a temporary magnet when electricity flows ...

How does a starter start system work?

Starting System Basics When you turn the ignition key on your car, the key closes a gap between the positive wire on your battery and a positive terminal on the starter solenoid, When the circuit closes on the solenoid, a switch inside of the solenoid closes and closes another circuit that links the battery and the electric motor on your starter.

How to wire starter solenoid relay?

How to Wire Starter Relay 1 Disconnect the positive battery terminal. Secure the exposed end to avoid accidents. ... 2 Find the thick starter solenoid cable. Connect it to one of the big studs or posts on the relay. ... 3 Get hold of the ignition switch wires. ... 4 Connect the remaining thick wire to the only remaining big stud or post. ...

Does a relay click when it’s bad? If you have a failing or bad starter relay, it will not provide adequate electrical current to power the starter motor. As a result, regardless of how many times you revolve the engine, it’ll not start. A defective starter relay will produce a click sound when you turn on the ignition.

Why does my starter click when I turn the key?

Where is the starter relay on a 2005 corolla 05?

The starter relay is located on the passengers side under the dash. Here is a guide to help test it. Check out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed. helpful? What is the resistance supposed to be for a corolla 05 for the starter relay? helpful?

Where is the fuse box on a Toyota Corolla?

The instrument panel block №8 is located behind the center console, under the instrumen panel. relay box diagram. Fuse box in engine compartment Toyota corolla. fuse box location. fuse box diagram. type 1. fuse box diagram.

Where is the instrument panel block on a Toyota Corolla?

Block №8 Toyota Corolla. The instrument panel block №8 is located behind the center console, under the instrumen panel. relay box diagram. Fuse box in engine compartment Toyota corolla.

What are the parts of a Toyota Corolla?

(10A) Automatic transmission, main body ECU, electric power steering, elec-tric cooling fan (s), shift lock control system, anti-lock brake system, audio system, tire pressure warn-ing system, vehicle stability control system, cruise control system Relay box (driver’s side instrument panel). Remove the instrument panel. raley box layout.

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