Who is evan dating now

who is evan dating now

Is Evan Peters dating anyone?

Evan Peters is currently single. Evan Peters is reportedly single after breaking up with singer Halsey. There are no reports regarding who he might be dating, and his inactivity on social media fuels speculation that he is single. Peters and Halsey confirmed that they were dating in mid-2019.

Are Halsey and Evan Evans still dating?

Halsey and Evans started dating in 2019 and ended their relationship after one year of dating. The X-men star Evan and singer Halsey had their romantic entanglement in mid-2019. They were witnessed together after, the lovebirds showed up together in American Horry Story back in October 2019. Fans miss Halsey and Evan’s chemistry.

Are Evan Peters and Pixie Geldof dating?

Pixie Geldof, a British model, and singer, and Evan Peters were spotted showing PDA at Coachella in 2010. The romance was short-lived as they split up a year later.

How did Alexa Quinn and Evan Peters meet?

Alexia Quinn and Evan Peters met on the set of a play called Living House in 2011. The pair were seen celebrating his birthday in January 2012 but they broke up shortly after the celebration. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters met on the set of “Adult World” and started dating after filming ended.

Did Evan Peters date Alexia Quinn?

Evan Peters briefly dated actress Alexia Quinn. In 2011, Evan and Alexia met while working on the play Living at Home and shortly after started dating. In January 2012, Alexia was right by his side as he celebrated his birthday at a Las Vegas nightclub. However, the pair split not too long after when Evan started filming Adult Word.

Who was Evan Peters’s girlfriend before Emma Roberts?

Before meeting Emma Roberts, Evan Peters was in a relationship with Alexia Quinn, whom he met on Living at Home in 2011. Alexia starred in some big-hit movies such as Small Talk and LoveJacked.

Who did Evan Peters date before Alexandra Breckenridge?

Evan Peters dated actress Alexandra Breckenridge before they were co-stars. Evan has been linked to his American Horror Story co-star Alex Breckenridge (Moira OHara), but that was back in 2007. The pair reportedly dated from 2007 to 2010, before they both appeared on American Horror Story: Murder House in 2011.

How did Evan Peters become famous?

Though Evan Peters had roles in notable titles such as Kick-Ass and One Tree Hill, the actor did not become a household name until 2011, when he landed the iconic role of Tate Langdon in American Horror Story.

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