What seasons were elena and damon dating in real life

what seasons were elena and damon dating in real life

Do Elena and Damon break up in real life?

The Vampire Diaries Damon and Elena Break Up in Real Life. Damon and Elena have been having a rough go of it on The Vampire Diaries recently, but it turns out thats true off set as well. After dating in real life for over three years, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have broken up.

Are Elena and Damon dating in the Vampire Diaries?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s The Vampire Diaries characters Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert started dating each other in season 4 after she broke up with Damon’s younger brother Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley).

What happened to Elena in the Vampire Diaries series finale?

Between Damon thinking he burned Elenas body and him hooking up with someone else, it was a hard season for Delena shippers. Elena was only in the last few minutes of the series finale, but she played a huge role throughout the final season. Sybil had manipulated Damons memories and made him forget all about Elena.

Does Elena and Damon kiss in Season 3?

Damon is still Damon, meaning he continues to lash out when things dont go his way, but Elena offers him forgiveness and kisses him in the finale when hes on the brink of death. Season 3 is when Damon and Elena are given a chance to shine.

The character of Elena Gilbert had a number of intense and emotional adventures on The Vampire Diaries — but what turns did her life take after the season 8 finale? Played by Nina Dobrev, Elena began life as a normal human oblivious to a wider, supernatural world.

What happened to Damon and Elena?

What episode does Stefan tell Elena he is a vampire?

Elena finally learned the truth about Stefan on The Vampire Diaries.And in the closing moments of the episode, the safe Silas trapped Stefan in turned up. It wasnt in the quarry where Silas had put it, and its contents werent what Damon expected to find.

What episode do Elena and Damon first sleep together?

The couple sleeps together for the first time in “ My Brother’s Keeper ” after Elena breaks up with Stefan. This is the first time that she chooses Damon over Stefan, a decision she repeats throughout the rest of the series. How does Damon Salvatore survive the wolf bite?

What episode does Elena turn into a Vampir?

Things go a little diabolical then, and Klaus imprisons Elena. While the Salvatores were fighting Klaus to save her, an accidental knock in the head causing unconsciousness. The episode before the season 3 finale of TVD. Esther binds Elena’s blood to Alaric’s making him an almost unkillable enhanced original vampire.

What episode does Ino and Shikamaru Kiss?

Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness. Ino, along with Chouji, Sakura and Temari, come to the rescue of Sai and Shikamaru after they were captured by a man named Gengo. Whilst Chouji and Temari come to aid Shikamaru, Ino is more eager to save Sai, the one who is under Gengos genjutsu and whom she has a crush on.

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