Is barry allen and iris west dating in real life

is barry allen and iris west dating in real life

Are Barry Allen and Iris West still a popular couple?

Its time to take a look at Barry Allen and Iris West. Barry and Iris have been one of the DCUs most prominent couples for the last three years or so, mostly after Grant Gustin and Candice Patton boosted them to the A-List on TV, but obviously, that wasnt always the case for either of them.

Does Barry Allen have a crush on Iris?

In six seasons of The Flash, Barry Allen has had some romantic interests with several lady characters, before settling down and marrying the love of his life Iris West. Growing up with Iris, Barry always had a special connection with her and a secret crush that pretty much everyone knew about except Iris.

Who has Barry Allen dated in the Flash?

In the first half of Season 2 of The Flash, Barry began dating new police detective, Patty Spivot. Out of all the people who Barry dated in order to prevent him and Iris from becoming an item, Patty was particularly likable. She was goofy, just like Barry, and they genuinely had a good time together.

Did Barry and Iris fall in love?

And the fact Barry lived with Iris for decades and was still madly in love with her tells us that they had a passionate love for each other. Throughout most of her time on the show, Patty was always trying to prove her worth, either to Joe West to join the meta-human task force or to Barry to prove she can be with him despite him being the Flash.

Are Barry Allen and Iris West the Best Couple in DC TV history?

Barry Allen and Iris West have been moving fans with their romance for years on The Flash and here’s why the West-Allens are the best couple in DC TV history. Barry Allen constantly refers to Iris West as his lightning rod.

Are Barry Allen and Iris West dating in the Flash?

Two of the most consistent relationships in comics happen to both belong to The Flash. Iris West and Barry Allen are often seen as a fairy tale romance that rivals even Superman and Lois Lane.

Are Barry and Iris still together?

Barry and Iris are still very much at the height of their resurgence and thats pretty unlikely to change any time soon. Theyre currently married now in the #DCTV universe and basically any Flash comic you pick up from 2011 onward is going to have something to do with the two of them, even if theyre not romantically involved.

Who is Barry Allens true love interest?

Weve been introduced to sweethearts such as Patty Spivot, Valerie Perez, Joan Garrick, and the iconic Linda Park-West. However, none have managed to make as much as a cultural impact as Iris West, the main love interest of Barry Allen.

Are Barry and Iris in love?

Iris and Barry grew up together, seeing each other at their best and their worst, they understand each other in a way that almost no one can. And the fact Barry lived with Iris for decades and was still madly in love with her tells us that they had a passionate love for each other. 6 PATTY: More Independent

Why did it take Barry so long to get over Iris?

Barry depends on Iris to be The Flash and Iris depends on Barry to be there for her when it seems like no one else is. Maybe it was his love for Iris or maybe Patty wasnt as important, but it didnt seem like it took Barry a long time to get over after they broke up.

When did Barry and Iris get married in Flash?

Barry and Iris were eventually married for real in FLASH #165, all the way back in 1966. The wedding was a weird one, though, and almost derailed by Zoom—so, you know, basically what youd expect.

Why do fans love Barry Allen and Iris West so much?

Many fans of the CW’s hit television show The Flash absolutely adore the romantic relationship between Barry Allen and Iris West. Some ‘ship “WestAllen” because they are excited to see their favorite comic relationship come to life on the small screen while others swoon over the couple because they are just too cute together.

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