How do you hook up subs to a factory radio

how do you hook up subs to a factory radio

How to hook up a subwoofer to a receiver?

If the subwoofer features spring clips in order to use speaker wire, then you can use the speaker output of the receiver to hook it all up. This process is the same as connecting a basic stereo speaker. Be sure to mind the channels.

Can you add a subwoofer to a factory stereo?

Adding a subwoofer to a factory stereo is an excellent method to boost your sound while retaining your factory controls. The nifty devices can produce bass and sub-bass sounds at low frequencies. Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to wire one into an existing car stereo system.

How do you connect a subwoofer to an LFE cable?

Connect Using the LFE Subwoofer Output. The preferred method of connecting a subwoofer is through the Subwoofer Output (labeled as SUB OUT or SUBWOOFER) of a receiver using an LFE ( an acronym for Low-Frequency Effects) cable.

Can you plug a subwoofer into a RCA cable?

If the subwoofers LINE IN uses RCA cables and the subwoofer out on the receiver/amplifier also uses RCA, plug it in using an RCA cable. If the cable is split on one end (a y-cable for both right and left channels), plug it in the R and L ports on the subwoofer.

How do I connect my subwoofer to my Receiver?

If your subwoofer has speaker level inputs built-in you’re in great shape! Just connect them directly to your amplifier or receiver’s speaker outputs, either to unused speaker terminals or at the same time (in parallel) with speakers connected to the receiver.

What cable do I need to hook up a subwoofer?

If your subwoofer has a single RCA subwoofer input jack, you may want to pick up a “Y” RCA adapter to combine both receiver channels on the output side into a single mono RCA plug. Subwoofers with 2 (stereo) RCA jack inputs will need a standard stereo male-male RCA cable.

What is a subwoofer input on a receiver?

In most cases, a subwoofer input jack, if you had one on a receiver, is a “mono” (monaural, 2 stereo channels combined into one) signal you connect with a single RCA cable. Shown: What a receiver with a subwoofer output jack looks like as found on many newer receivers.

How do you connect a subwoofer to a RCA jack?

To convert speaker level outputs from your amplifier or receiver to RCA jack subwoofer outputs, you’ll connect the provided speaker wire connections (marked by colors and striped) just like you would regular speakers. You then connect RCA cables (or a single cable, depending on your particular one) to your powered subwoofer.

What is the difference between RCA and subwoofer?

The term “RCA” comes from the name of the developer, Radio Corporation of America, and is used to identify any coaxial cable with RCA push-in connectors. A “subwoofer” identifies a cable that connects an audio amplifier to a speaker and reproduces low-frequency sound signals.

What cable do I need for a subwoofer?

Many stereo receivers and amplifiers are equipped with subwoofer outputs for LFE connection. In this case, use a cable that has an RCA connector at each end (“male-male” type). Cable Length: Short or Long?

How to connect a subwoofer to an AV receiver?

There’re many ways to connect a subwoofer, but in 99% of cases, this is an LFE connection type. Most subwoofers require a single long cable with RCA connector. Connect it to the output of the AV receiver preamp and to an LFE (low-frequency effect) port of a subwoofer.

How to choose the best RCA cable for home audio?

The Best RCA Cable to Pick. Many cables provide an excellent sound of a home audio system, but, at the same time, they are quite expensive. If you are not a music geek and don’t use too expensive equipment, you just can purchase an ordinary audio cable of good quality. The best option is the AmazonBasics Subwoofer Cable.

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