Dating at glastonbury festival

dating at glastonbury festival

How many days is Glastonbury?

On the lineup, attendees can expect major names like Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, and Kendrick Lamar. But as any seasoned festival attendee will know, Glastonbury is about much more than just the music. Stretching over five days, the festival itself is quite the camping event.

Why was Glastonbury 2016 so muddy?

In Glastonbury’s 2016 festival, it was muddy right from the beginning. There was heavy rain for 3 weeks before it even started, the ground was badly churned up and it took lots of people 10+ hours to even get on site. On top of that, there were several heavy rain showers over the course of the festival.

Whats new at Glastonbury 2019?

Glastonbury-on-Sea is a new seaside themed area on a fully constructed pier overlooking the festival! 2019 happened to be a very hot and sunny year so it was well-fitting. Let’s see what it’s like during a muddy year! This new area is themed around an old fashioned American drive-in cinema!

Where can I see a secret set at Glastonbury Festival?

The Rabbit Hole in The Park is a good venue to catch a secret set from a big act! If you really want to be in the know, follow @secretglasto on Twitter and turn on notifications, so you’ll get notified on your phone when they tweet the news of a secret set! Glastonbury Festival has its own on-site radio station that broadcasts from the farm.

What are the best hidden corners of Glastonbury Festival?

Although everybody loves the pyrotechnics and the enormity of the big Pyramid Stage perfromances, it is the far flung and hidden corners of Worthy Farm where Glastonbury Festival is at its most magical. A lot of the festival is hidden away, and many revellers will perhaps never find some of its greatest secret treasures.

What is the rabbit hole at Glastonbury Festival?

The Rabbit Hole has become one of Glastonbury Festivals most famous areas - largely because many people cant find it. But were *pretty* sure it exists - mainly because Prince Harry once partied away inside it with Kate Moss till the wee hours back in 2013.

Is Bastille performing a secret set at Glastonbury Festival?

Every year Glastonbury Festival hosts a number of secret sets on various stages across the Worthy Farm site. The latest band to be linked to a secret set at this years event is Bastille, with social media users adding fuel to the rumours.

Whats happening at Glastonburys Joe Strummer Park?

A woodland clearing on the festivals southern frontier, between the piano bar and Rabbit Hole, is a new area named after the late Clash frontman and Glastonbury regular Joe Strummer. It is well out of the way and, inside, a DJ on a simple wooden stage is playing lazy funk and reggae as a few people dance gently.

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