How do i hook up to nbn

how do i hook up to nbn

How do I connect to the NBN ™ network?

Your installer will then place an nbn ™ connection box inside the main premises or in a powered building nearby. To connect to the internet, you will need to plug your modem into the nbn ™ connection box. Your modem will need to be supplied by you or your service provider.

How do I connect my NBN ™ to my HFC wall outlet?

Accessing the HFC wall outlet (inside your property) that connects to the nbn ™ utility box. They will then connect your nbn ™ connection box to your HFC wall outlet using a coaxial fly lead.

Do I need to move my phone and Internet to NBN?

For most people the nbn network is replacing Telstra’s existing copper network, so most Australians will need to move their home phone and internet services to the nbn network if they want to keep using their phone and internet at home.

What type of modem do I need to connect to NBN™?

This modem should have been supplied by your service provider, or if you already have a modem, it must be a VDSL2 compatible modem for it to work over the nbn ™ access network. Your VDSL2 compatible modem will connect to your existing telephone wall socket, so you’ll need to find a place close to this.

How does the NBN connect to the Internet?

It starts with an NBN utility box outside, which connects to the NBN connection box inside. Optionally, there may be a battery backup connected to this NBN connection box. The NBN connection box then connects to a router via Ethernet cable.

How many devices can I connect to my NBN™ satellite connection box?

Your NBN™ Satellite Connection Box will be connected to this wall socket. You can connect one computer to your Connection Box via Ethernet cable, or you may wish to connect a WiFi router in order to connect multiple devices via Ethernet and WiFi.

How do I Reset my NBN™ connection?

Plug the nbn™connection box into a telephone socket B C POWER WALL SOCKET GATEWAY A RESET 2 nbn™telephone cable B DSL and Connection Lights still not solid blue after 20 minutes? Refer to the questions at the back of the book or contact your phone and internet provider. Turn on the power to the 3 nbn™connection box and wait B C

How do I switch to Telstra NBN?

Connect in 4 easy steps. Enter your address below to find out which type of nbn connection you can get. Choose the Telstra nbn plan thats right for you. Once youve ordered, well start your switch to nbn. Well send you everything you need, including a Telstra Smart Modem for new customers. Well let you know if you need a technician.

Do I need a modem or router for the NBN?

In some cases the hardware that comes with your NBN connection will serve as your modem so you’ll just need a router. Fibre to the Premises NBN: Youll need a router. This will plug directly into your NBN connection box mounted to your wall. HFC NBN: Youll need a router.

What do I need to set up an NBN connection?

This will plug directly into your NBN connection box mounted to your wall. HFC NBN: Youll need a router. This will plug into the NBN connection box Fibre to the Node NBN: Youll need a modem router.

Can I use my existing modem or router with Optus NBN?

There are numerous devices on the market that combine a modem and router. If you’d like to keep your existing modem, router or dual device to connect to Optus nbn, then you’ll need to find out from the manufacturer whether its capable of supporting nbn speeds.

What is NBN Fibre to the premises (FTTP)?

An nbn ™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection is used in circumstances where a fibre optic line will be run from the nearest available fibre node, directly to your premises. FTTP connections require an nbn ™ access network device to be installed inside your home.

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